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Commissioning Ceremony
June 2023

Welcome to the Commissioning Committee site. We have been working since mid April 2022 to get organized to launch our support for the commissioning of  the USS Carl M. Levin DDG-120, an Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer which will occur at Baltimore Harbor sometime late Spring 2023 with the date not yet announced by the Navy. It will be a great opportunity to celebrate as Patriots the accession by the Navy and 'Bringing the Ship to Life.'  We are dedicated to the successful commissioning of the USS Carl M Levin DD-120. The motto of this ship is “Tenacious in the Fight”.   This will mark the third time Baltimore Council of the United States Navy League has stepped up to provide the necessary organization and effort to raise the funds necessary to give the ship's Commanding Officer and ship's Company a historic event and sendoff when it is commissioned . The previous 2 surface warfare ships commissioned in Baltimore were the USS Sterrett DDG-104, and in 2016 the USS Zumwalt DD-1000.  We invite  and welcome your participation to help the Commissioning Committee do its job to make this happen. Explore our  brand new website to see information on Senator Levin, Admiral Arleigh Burke, history of the Arleigh Burke destroyer and who is on the Commissioning Committee. You may see names of people you know from Baltimore and if you served in the Navy many distinguished Committee Members who did so as well.

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